Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Wear?

  • Walking boots or shoes which are comfortable and supportive with a patterned sole for good grip.
  • Dress according to "the layer principle" so that surplus garments can be shed or added as necessary.
  • Rain jacket if appropriate.
  • Bonnet and gloves in cold weather.

What Should I Take Along?

You can take your own poles along or if you wish to try out this activity then we have a couple of spare poles we can lend you.

Does The Weather Matter?

No, this is the outdoor activity that can be done in all weather conditions, it's just matter of putting on the right clothes!

How Much Does It Cost?

  • Its free to all memebrs of the Association - to find out more about becoming a member Click Here
  • As a member you are also entitled to buy your poles from us for £20.00, courtesy of our generous sponsors STENA DRILLING.