Friskis&Svettis Instructors

There are currenly 14 Active Instructors across Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.


Friskis&Svettis has trained its own instructors ever since it began in 1978. This has been an essential condition for maintaining high quality and for communicating the values that Friskis&Svettis represents.


Instructors are recruited by the local Friskis&Svettis organizations and then sent for training in Sweden.

The basic training covers aspects such as 'jympa', gym, jogging and spin. Training courses for 'jympa', gym and spin are divided into two stages. Stage 1, over four days, is completed by everyone; while stage 2, over 3-6 days, concentrates entirely on the form of training that the participant will lead or give instruction in. Those who complete the two steps of training are awarded a diploma after passing practical and theoretical tests.

The sessions, which are based on music and movement, are prepared by each instructor individually. Each session is unique, therefore, and this personal stamp is an important part of the Friskis&Svettis training concept.


All Friskis&Svettis instructors are also regularly monitored by specially trained monitors.